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Singapore's amazing tale tells of a once sleepy fishing village that defied the odds to transform itself into a first-world metropolis. While many think of Singapore as a small city-state in Southeast Asia, the destination is full of surprises and unknown experiences waiting to be uncovered! From street food to fine dining, from natural reserves to futuristic Supertrees, from tourist hotspots to hidden gems, Singapore invites you for novel and unique experiences.


Despite its soaring skyscrapers and bustling cityscape, Singapore is more than just a concrete jungle. Known as a city in a garden, the city’s natural landscape intertwines seamlessly with its modern spaces and futuristic architecture. Beautiful parks, secluded island sanctuaries and thriving mangroves are just some of natural splendor you’ll find in Singapore. Make your way to Pulau Ubin to admire Singapore’s wildlife, consider hopping on board a yacht to discover the Southern islands, or enjoy a break at the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, a vast mangrove forest filled with fascinating fauna! Located in the heart of Singapore, the iconic Gardens by the Bay is a sanctuary for nature lovers: it is home to 2000 exotic species. 


What’s New?

1. Avatar: The Experience, in Gardens by the Bay

The much-awaited immersive walkthrough event, Avatar: The Experience, officially opened on 28 October 2022, at Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. The limited-time event is inspired by the film, Avatar, the highest-grossing film globally of all- time. Avatar: The Experience elevates guest visits with impressive interactives and striking content throughout five different zones.

2. Here is SG sculpture

With its striking modern skyline, the waterfront district of Marina Bay is a regular stomping ground for shutterbugs, travellers and locals alike.  This bustling district is now home to yet another photo-worthy attraction—the Here is SG sculpture. Located right at the Marina Bay waterfront, this 20-metre long sculpture is a must-see photo-spot. It is free and open to the public with its distinctive design that evokes both passion and infinite possibilities. Besides being a landmark that offers visitors creative photo opportunities, ‘Here is SG’ embodies Singapore’s commitment to a more sustainable future, designed with minimal electricity usage and with a small carbon footprint.

3. Southern islands yacht tour

Embark on a scenic yacht cruise of Singapore’s southern islands to discover their place in Singapore’s origins, history, biodiversity, and future. Let your guide tell you stories as you sail by places like the Raffles Lighthouse at Singapore’s southernmost tip and the man-made Lazarus Island and its beautiful beaches. Then, disembark on Kusu Island – also known as “Turtle Island” in Hokkien – to hear all about its magical folktales.

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Taste it all

Like Singapore herself, its local cuisine is a tantalising mix of flavours from various racial backgrounds, including food with Chinese, Malay, Eurasian, Peranakan and Indian origins. The city’s diverse range of dining options will cater to food lovers from all walks of life. If you appreciate a good meal, there’s a cuisine for every taste and budget. Its local street fare is a delicious melting pot of Singapore’s cultures, while the country’s vibrant fine dining scene has emerged as one of the world’s most exciting, featuring many celebrity chef restaurants. 

What’s New?

1. Michel Guide Singapore 2022

A total of 52 restaurants received Michelin stars and 67 received Bib Gourmand recommendations in the Michelin Guide Singapore 2022. This is the highest number of restaurants selected in both categories since the Singapore Guide’s inception in 2016. Furthermore, 7 Singapore restaurants made it to the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list in 2022. 7 new restaurants received one Michelin star, 2 restaurants were promoted to 2 Michelin stars, and 3 restaurants retained their 3 Michelin stars (Les Amis, Odette and Zen). 

2. World’s 50 Best Bars 2022

Two Singapore bars have made it to The World’s 50 Best Bars 2022 list: Jigger & Pony at No. 12 and Best Bar in Asia (No. 9 in 2021) and Manhattan at No. 33 (No. 15 in 2021). 


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City in Nature

Known for being clean and green, Singapore strives to be a sustainable urban destination. Through collective action and the Singapore Green Plan 2030, our city is reducing its impact on the environment with a limitless realm of possibilities for travellers from all walks of life. Over 95 percent of our city’s energy is powered by natural gas, and over half our island is covered in lush trees and green foliage. This means as a traveller, you get big experiences that come with smaller footprints. 

What’s New?

1. CapitaSpring

CapitaSpring is Singapore’s newest biophilic skyscraper.  It houses Singapore’s tallest sky observatory deck and urban farm at 280 metres and a 35-metre-tall Green Oasis located 100 metres above ground, which is open to the public. CapitaSpring has a total landscape area of more than 90,000 sq ft, equivalent to 140% of its site area or larger than six Olympic-size swimming pools.  The development’s rich biodiversity comprises more than 80,000 plants from over 130 different species, with more than 60% being native plants.  

2. Funan Urban Farm

Located on the roof of Funan Mall, the Funan Urban Farm by Edible Garden City presents nature-based tourism with 50 types of fruits and vegetables, including edible flowers. Funan Urban Farm boasts a multitude of crops nurtured amid the hustle and bustle of the city centre. This charming space will give you a peek into the future of Singaporean agriculture, and our nation’s vision of sustainably growing local produce.

3. Analogue Initiative

Newcomer to the list of Asia’s 50 Best Bars in 2022 Analogue Initiative is the best place to raise a glass to nature. Grab a Carob cocktail at the restaurant’s bar—made out of sustainable materials like recycled plastic and mushrooms—while indulging in a plant-based menu of delicious eats like Celeriac Ratatouille. 



Festivals and Celebrations

Whether it’s the festive celebration of Chinese New Year or the roar of Formula 1, there’s always a party going on somewhere on the island. Check out top festivals and events in Singapore from January to December.

1. Mid-Autumn Festival 

You should not miss the Mid-Autumn Festival in Chinatown in September that celebrates the end of the autumn harvest with family gatherings, lanterns, and mooncakes. With bright colours, non-stop revelry and sheer exuberance, Chinese New Year is undoubtedly the most important event in the Chinese calendar!

2. Deepavali 

During Deepavali (in Autumn), the annual Hindu celebration of the triumph of light over darkness, bright colours, tantalising aromas and the light of a thousand oil lamps fill the streets of Little India! 

3. Hari Raya 

Make sure you include the celebrations of Hari Raya in your itinerary! Making the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan is Hari Raya, a joyful celebration of forgiveness, fellowship and food!

4. Singapore Food Festival

In August and September, Singapore Food Festival is a festival where all Foodies come together to celebrate the rich food culture of Singapore and honour the creativity of all our culinary talents. Your clients can embark on tours of popular food districts and discover hidden gems like urban farms and popular markets. 

5. Singapore Cocktail Festival

An annual event on Asia's cocktail and nightlife calendar, Singapore Cocktail Festival (SGCF) is a social and experiential gathering of drink makers and lovers from around the world. Since the first debut in 2017, over 35,000 visitors have shared unforgettable cocktail moments.

6. Singapore Wellness Festival

Launched in 2022, the Wellness Festival transforms the island into wellness retreat.  Meditate, exercise and explore new ways of wellness through multi-sensory installations and engaging masterclasses. 


Safe Travel Information

Singapore is open to all travellers without quarantine, regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status, subject to pre-departure testing for travellers who are nor fully vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccines. Depending on the destination you are travelling from, mask-wearing aboard flights and ferries to Singapore may not be required.