Antor events

At least 4 events per year

Antor events

ANTOR Nederland organizes at least four events per year. To network, share experiences, and especially to increase our knowledge about the Dutch travel industry and the rapidly changing behaviour of Dutch consumers.

We had for example presentations from Eindhoven and Schiphol Airports. Together with Media Info Group we jointly looked into the (im)possibilities and challenges of online monitoring. We also discussed the fact that 90% of holidaymakers look up reviews and how we can better integrate our destination marketing.  The holiday reviews site was visited by as many as half of the Dutch population, while recommendations from family, friends and colleagues remain the main source when choosing a holiday.

Other member meetings included valuable presentations from among others KLM, Webpower, Milesattack, Travel Counsellors, Destination Think!, Vakantiebeurs, bloggers, journalists and a training from EMERCE.

Our largest event is our successful annual ANTOR NL Media workshop in Amsterdam. This is when our 29 destinations join forces to catch up with (travel and lifestyle) journalists, bloggers and photographers on the latest developments, upcoming events and special themes for the upcoming tourism year.

Antor NL will host their Media workshop on the 28th of November 2024.