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VisitDenmarks’ main branding theme for 2024 is Outdoor. We continue our focus on Denmark as a nearby destination and easily reachable by car. Another important theme is the joy of ‘going green’ in Denmark.
Press and Press trips

Individual press visit will remain the norm. High preference for print media.Occasionally, we have the opportunity to invite print media for international group trips. Working with influencers is part of our marketing strategy and is something we look at case by case.

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Between 2023 and 2026, Copenhagen is appointed UNESCO-UIA World Capital of Architecture. Under the theme Copenhagen in Common, it will be a year with events ranging from community picnics to open houses in buildings normally closed to the public to a series of new pavilions by the harbor front, including one designed by the famous Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). VisitDenmark’s goal is to promote architecture throughout the whole of Denmark. 

Celebrating 20 Years of the Nordic Food Manifesto

The inception of the Nordic Food Manifesto in 2004 by visionary Nordic Chefs laid the groundwork for the contemporary and groundbreaking Nordic cuisine we savour today. With its 10 core principles centered around health, sustainability, ethics, and seasonality, the manifesto serves as a guiding beacon, inspiring a profound appreciation for food, flavour, and diversity both within Denmark and on the international stage. The profound influence of this manifesto is evident in the rise of culinary gems such as Noma and other esteemed restaurants that have redefined the gastronomic landscape of the 21st century. While the specifics of the forthcoming celebrations are yet to be finalized, it's undeniable that the upcoming year promises a delectable journey across the rich tapestry of the Danish culinary realm.

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