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Story ideas for Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a country where the distances are short and the impressions are great. The free, nationwide public transport offers an invitation to easily discover the many different landscapes of Luxembourg’s capital city and the five regions beyond. 

Foto rechts: Grund Luxembourg City ©ChristopheVanBiesen  

1. Urban life in Luxembourg-City

Imagine a city, where everything is within easy walking distance. Once one of Europe’s mightiest fortresses, Luxembourg’s capital is now a wonderful fusion of tradition and modernity. Wander along the Chemin de la Corniche, down the cobbled streets towards the Grund old town, though urban orchards, meeting Melusina the mermaid by the Alzette river along the way. Around the Grand Ducal Palace, soak up the cosmopolitan atmosphere at the many restaurants, bars, museums, independent shops and art galleries. Light up your senses in this city of many layers – and charms!

2. Culinary taste

From cosy cafés to starred restaurants - Luxembourg's food scene is like the country itself: a mosaic of cultures, colours and flavours. The local food scene reflects Luxembourg's traditions, but also its multicultural influences. Savour culinary experiences in awarded restaurants, and discover hearty local specialties like Kniddelen (flour dumplings) or Rieslings-Paschtéit (pastry with meat filling in wine jelly) in classic brasseries. Round off your foodie adventure with a tasting of the internationally acclaimed wines and Crémant de Luxembourg from the Moselle Valley.

Lipperscheid Gringlee a01 Anabela and Jorge Valente diariesof
3. Experience culture 

Art and culture can be enjoyed in a relaxed way in Luxembourg. Wander through the museums or seek out the great philharmonic orchestras, UNESCO World Heritage sites, medieval fortresses and modern architecture. The industrial revolution left many deep scars on the landscapes of Luxembourg – especially in the mining regions of the south, the cradle of Luxembourg’s iron and steel industry. A ride on the historic steam railway or a trip underground in an abandoned mine let you relive the past of the Minett.

4. Hiking and nature 

Luxembourg is the ideal travel destination for hikers and bikers: the country has one of the densest networks of hiking trails in Europe. The trails are diverse, with steep climbs and rocky paths for hiking enthusiasts, pleasant circuits full of engaging surprises for families, as well as attractive routes for people with impaired mobility. Hiking in Luxembourg comes with many “Best of Europe” certified Leading Quality Trails, such as the 112-kilometre Mullerthal Trail and the 106-kilometre, cross-border Escapardenne Eislek Trail which are well-signposted and packed with challenges.

Foto boven: Lipperscheid Gringlee ©Anabela&JorgeValente